You can’t call a spade a spade? Oh, Come on…

So, the “Asian Carp” is now named “Invasive Carp” because having “Asian” in the name, according to Minnesota politicians, is offensive to Asians.

People, political correctness is OUT OF CONTROL.

The fish originates in Asia. It makes sense that the name is “Asian Carp” as opposed to the “American Carp”. Naming something because of the area of the world it originates isn’t offensive. If it is, so is Burmese Python, Cuban Tree Frog and Chinese Checkers.

I don’t agree with the Washington Redskins name change either, but at least I can understand where those who find the name offensive are coming from. The term ‘redskin’ was used by Sitting Bull and other famous Native Americans, but some use it in an offensive way so it’s hard to know it’s origins or what is meant. As I said, I don’t agree with it, but there’s more sense to that objection than a name based on the location in the world. cat dog dutch oven

I know some quite unfortunate women whose husbands have assured they will always find the term “dutch oven” objectionable. Even the Dutch may take issue with it, but does that mean we have to change the name of actual Dutch Ovens?

“Russian Roulette” is now “Risky Roulette”
“French Windows” are now “Large Door Like Hinged Windows”
“German Measles” are now “World Conquering Measles”

There’s so many different kinds of bulldogs you’d never be able to come up with enough names to cover them all. And this is going to make ordering food difficult when you can’t say what country they originate.

“Yes, I’d like a steak with the “Largest Continent Salad”. I’d also like some “cheese from this country”. My son would like “toast from a sovereign country” and waffles from that general area as well. For desert, “candy from a large bird generally eaten at Thanksgiving Delight” Oh, and don’t forget the “Non-Metropolitan County Sauce” for my steak.”

All you hunters better come up with a suitable name for your coon hounds because I tell you what…

Honestly. This is ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with the term “Asian Carp”. The “Asian Carp” is so named because it originated in Asia, not because it eats cats…


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