Why Have Laws at All?


You’ve probably seen the pictures going around saying something along the lines of “Oh, you think gun control will stop shootings? Tell me more about how criminals follow the law…” It’s cute and it’s clever, but lately – in contrast – I’ve seen pictures say “So, gun control won’t work because criminals don’t follow the law? Tell me why, then, we have laws at all…”

why follow laws

I’ll be honest. This stumped me for a moment. But only a moment because then it occurred to me…

We have laws to protect us and keep us safe – from criminals – as well as having a standard, a code for all of us to follow. I know. I know. Just hang on and let me finish… 😉 The difference between having ‘laws at all’ and having ‘gun control laws’ is other laws don’t put the law abiding at risk. Having laws that address murder, rape, illegal parking, paying taxes, etc etc etc do not prevent us from defending our loved ones our ourselves. Those laws don’t punish the law abiding.

So, saying “if we gun control laws won’t work, then we shouldn’t have laws at all” is akin to comparing apples and oranges. We have laws to keep us safe – not to keep criminals safe. It’s not about having no laws at all, it’s about having no laws that punish those who are law abiding.

Gun control won’t work because criminals don’t follow the law. Gun control punishes those that do follow the law and puts the law abiding at risk. Why have laws at all? So we can remain a functioning society. That’s why.

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