This Has to be the Most Perfect Example of How the Liberal Mind Works

THIS is the most epic example of how the liberal mind works, responds and in general thinks…

I was conversing with someone about the recent shooting in Australia. More than once, this person felt I was racist. They hurled that insult, as well as others, at me – continually.

“You ARE a racist, it is not an accusation, it is an evident fact. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, everyone else can tell, except for the other racists. I’m not being hostile when I point it out, I’m being honest. I’ve never been hostile to you, just to your lies. Calling anyone who opposes racism and wants equal rights for everyone, even if it requires stautory protections, a “racist” is a trick invented by Lee Atwater, perfected by Karl Rove, and taught to you by whoever duped you into believing that your lies were not dishonest baloney. If you ever want to consider yourself a decent human being, you will figure out a way to overcome this fascist conditioning and recognize that the Republicons don’t oppose the Civil Rights Act because it isn’t necessary, but because it is.


So, I pointed out they were basing their opinion that I was racist solely on the fact that I identify with Conservative values. I asked for them to tell me what is I did, say or do, other than identify with Conservative values, that made him feel I was racist.

The answer I got was fascinating…

“The truly tragic irony is that I know you are very sincere, and very racist. You really can’t tell why or how it is obvious that you are racist, and that is a major part of why you are racist. That isn’t a distraction from the debate, that is the debate. When I say you are a racist, it isn’t slander, it is a fact. But the nature of racism, the horrible truth that explains why America is still so racist after all these years, is that racists are the last people to realize they are racists. It angers you that I call you racist. You know why that is? Because Socrates was right, and somewhere deep in your brain, the cognitive dissonence you feel lets you know that I am right, so you accuse me of hostility and anger, you slander me.”

ecardYou’ll notice, not one thing as a shred of proof that I have done or said anything that makes me a racist. In fact, he accuses me of slander. Which, anyone who has been on this website more than once knows that not only is that the furthest thing from the truth, it’s actually something I loathe in others when debating.

So, there you have it. Accuse, avoid, project. I guess they think that if they call someone racist long enough, they’ll start to believe it about themselves…

UPDATE: The conversation has continued. Once I pointed out it funny that they won’t offer proof, I got more of the same:

You are right I have not specifically identified how you made it clear you are racist. That was not an accident or oversite. Pointing out the specific thing you said that made it obvious to me, and everyone else who is not as racist as you are, would only prompt you to deny it, and try more successfully to hide it next time. I prefer to let you dangle in the wind, so you are going to have to go back and re-read, and try to figure out why I think it is so obvious.
There never was a reason to continue here, or for you to troll Media Matters to begin with, for that matter, but you’re still here. The reason for that is that I angered you when I called you racist, despite your denials, and you have indeed insulted and slandered not just me, but all Democrats and other honest Americans. At this point, your going away without responding isn’t even enough to prove that isn’t true, that you are not both angry and hostile, but it would be a start.
In case you do stick around, be aware I’m going to insist that you answer the question I posed at the end of my last “diatribe”.

The “diatribe” he speaks of is in his first response, which I truncated here, he asked if I thought there were more black Americans in prison because they are more criminal, or because of societal prejudice against them. I find it cute that he feels he can “insist” I answer his question while, three times now, not answering mine.

Basically, what he’s saying here would be equivalent to bringing charges against someone for murder, then, during the trial, saying “We have proof that you murdered [someone], but we’re not going to tell you because you’ll just deny it.”

Once again he’s accused me of insulting and slandering him, all Democrats and other honest Americans. (The insinuation that non-Democrats aren’t honest not-with-standing) Which is funny when the entire conversation began with this statement by him:

Conservatives, convicts, confidence artists…, the term ‘con’ covers them all, and to be honest, there seems to be little difference between them, in terms of their ethics.

He’s clearly projecting and his denial as such is becoming thinner as time goes on.

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  • CaptainWhitebread

    When you boil his response down to it’s essence, he’s saying “You’re racist because I say you are”. Childish.

    • Shelley

      And it only gets worse. I just made an update to the post.

  • JuzJoe

    Uh oh, Did you just insult and slander me? I guess I may not be as intelligent as

    I have been led to believe, because I read and re-read your article without finding anything resembling slander. (Now sarcasm, on the other hand. . .) :-)

  • ObrooSir

    Such an efficient way of displaying to your readers that Liberals go for the attack, even if you were ‘honest/kind’ in your responses, by failing to give us your responses. I mean, you’ve managed to give us everything your opposition has said, but not once did you give us yours. You mentioned them in passing, as if they were so innocent there would be no reason to post them. The thing is, how do you expect anyone to take your word for it, when you’ve not given evidence to your cause? I suspect you’ve been able to convince ignorant individuals, but I’m sure there are others that feel as if this article is incomplete without YOUR responses. How do you expect anyone to come to a decision without it?

    • Shelley

      Perhaps I have convinced ignorant individuals, or – perhaps – I know my readers well enough to know that they don’t want to read the back and forth between the two of us, or – perhaps – (the majority of) the individuals who visit my page click the link I provided where they can then read the entire conversation should they so choose… Rather than put both, I give them the option to read my responses if
      they’d like. That’s why I provided a link to the conversation.

      I guess you overlooked that little tidbit when you decided to imply my readers were ignorant. lol

      Have a nice day! :)


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