Messages for the Impulsive Child

Whenever I leave the kids home, alone, for a bit, I’ve told them they’re not allowed to use the stove or oven or anything like that. The other day, I had an errand to run that had me gone about 30 minutes. When I got home, Brinson had turned on the stove to boil some noodles. He saw me, and the look on my face, and immediately said “I wasn’t supposed to use the stove…”

He’s so impulsive, he just doesn’t stop and think.

So, yesterday – when I had to run an errand – I reminded him of the rules while I’m gone and then left some reminders for him in case his impulsivity got the better of him…

For the stove:
2014-05-01 12.54.05


For the oven:
2014-05-01 12.54.11


For the knives:2014-05-01 12.54.18


For the toaster oven:
2014-05-01 12.54.39


For the toaster:
2014-05-01 12.54.46

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