How Do You Respond to Negativity and Rude People?

Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right? Well, of course you have. We all have. How’d you handle it? Recently I read a Facebook update that spoke volumes and went a long way in being an example for us all.

A friend, whose daughter hasn’t been feeling well, has been in and out of doctor’s offices a lot lately. On this particular day she’d gotten a bit of bad news. Not only was she staying
positive about it, she went onto share this story.

…It would have been easy to get down about it all & take it out on the world…. but today I prayed myself through.

I was even “chipper” as we left the doctor’s office because I remembered that Starbuck’s was having their BOGO sale. I smiled as [my daughter] and I pulled into the long line to purchase our caffeine concoctions.

And then, it happened.

Some car that was parked beside the Starbuck’s line was trying to pull out, so I waited to let them try & get out of their spot. But behind me was a different story.

Apparently, the impatient man that was driving the brand new, behemoth of a Lexus SUV, didn’t feel that he should have to wait to pull up an extra 10 feet in line (I won’t mention that we were 5 cars back from the intercom where you order—-i.e. we were going nowhere fast). So he proceeded to lay on his horn and show me different ways to insult people with your fingers AND call me all kinds of names.

So, I pulled forward. I felt sorry for him. I can’t imagine having an ego so big that I couldn’t be patient enough to wait a few minutes to pull up in line.

So at that moment, I decided to repay him for this treatment.

When I got to the window to pay, I told the lady I wanted to pay for his drinks too.
And for her to please tell him that I hoped he had a better day.

Remember, do unto others as you would HAVE them treat you.

respond to rude critical people

This is an absolute genius to handle rude, argumentative, self centered people and I hope to remember it if I am ever in such a situation. I feel that after these years running *Clean* Funny Pics I’ve become more cynical than I once was and even now, I’m not *that* cynical. My first thought to the story was that the guy, when he got to the window and found his stuff paid for, most likely felt that my friend was being a wisenheimer, or insincere.

My friend responded “…even if they think my intentions were otherwise, if I do something with the right heart, then I am only accountable for me….and that’s all that matters to God.”

So true.

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  • Lori P Penner II

    Ok, so just the other day my Dad, in a white pick-up, had his breakfast paid for at McDonalds by the driver ahead of him. He said he couldn’t believe how nice that was and wondered what made them think of doing it for him.

    I may have to ask him if he had been honking at them. (ha)

    • Shelley

      That’s awesome!


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