Conservative Response #3: Hobby Lobby, Obamacare and Contraception

“Today, the Supreme Court ruled against American women and families, giving bosses the right to discriminate against women and deny their employees access to birth control coverage,” fumed Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood, a leading reproductive health-care provider.

What?! Businesses can now deny access to some forms of birth control when it violates a religious belief? The Supreme Court ruled to uphold the Constitution? This is outrageous!


Honestly, what is up with people? The Constitution was upheld and people lose their minds. Contrary to popular belief, businesses aren’t allowed to deny access of their employees to birth control. Never mind the fact that many forms of birth control are available to anyone in virtually all drug stores. No one is denied 100% access to birth control.

What businesses are allowed to do is choose which forms of birth control the insurance they offer will cover. Because the Supreme Court upheld that right, people are freaking out to the extreme side of the issue. People are taking the ruling to mean that the Supreme Court is discriminating against women, businesses can deny their employees access to birth control and/or that the GOP “wingnuts” want to control what goes on in someone’s bedroom.

These statements are ludicrous.

Out of twenty forms of birth control, Hobby Lobby has chosen to cover all but 4 of them. Denying coverage for 4 of 20 types of birth control methods does not equal denying access to birth control. People up in arms about this wouldn’t bat an eye if they found out PETA didn’t serve meat in their cafeteria or a Muslim restaurant didn’t serve barbeque. In fact, they’d probably support their right to do so. (Incidentally, you do not have to be pro-life to work for Hobby Lobby, but there are positions at PETA that require you be a Vegan. Why does no one lose their minds over that one?)

So, your uterus or bedroom is not your bosses business? You’re right. It’s not. It’s also not the government’s business. contraception_justicesIf the government had stayed out of it to begin with, we’d not have this problem. You don’t like that Hobby Lobby only offers it’s employees 16 forms of birth control instead of 20? Then don’t work for them. (It’s not rocket science.)

Has anyone bothered to compare the Hobby Lobby’s coverage to Obamacare’s? Hobby Lobby pays for things Obamacare does not. Obamacare will not cover the cost of condoms, spermicides or vasectomies. That’s right people, Obamacare only covers female reproductive health. It’s Obamacare discriminating against women, not Hobby Lobby or the Supreme Court. It’s Obamacare that feels putting a woman’s life at risk, to undergo a sterilization process such as tubal ligation, is better than paying for a man’s discomfort to undergo a sterilization process such as a vasectomy.

Tubal ligations are riskier because it is a surgery. The woman must be put to sleep in order to have the procedure done. Plus it’s a lot more expensive. A vasectomy is a half hour visit at the doctor’s office, no sedation and a lot cheaper.

Men can get someone pregnant, condoms do come from vending machines and they do make bacon flavored ones.

So, why doesn’t Obamacare cover ANY male contraceptive options? Some have said “Because men can’t get pregnant.” Which, if you didn’t know that there’s a whole other problem here. But guess what…? Men can GET someone pregnant. Denying men the coverage for a vasectomy is getting into his bedroom. Why is that okay? Why is okay that the government control your bedroom as long as it’s not the GOP that’s doing it? (Cecile Richards doesn’t have anything to say about that…)

Something else I find quite interesting. Your body, your bedroom, is none of my business. I agree, it’s not. So why then should your employer pay for your birth control at all? It makes no sense. It’s not your bosses business until it becomes inconvenient for you.

“Corporations and businesses aren’t people. They don’t have religious freedom!” True, but guess who does, my friend? The people who own the business. Last time I checked, just because you own a successful business doesn’t mean you lose your freedoms in this country. Otherwise someone better get to the Jewish Deli and start forcing them to serve pork…

When you get a paycheck from a company, what you do with it is your business. What they do with their money is their business. If you don’t want them in your business, stay out of theirs. The government wouldn’t force a business, owned by a vegan, to pay for their employees steak dinners. Why is this any different? Because it has to do with health, not personal choices? Okay, but what about the 16 forms of birth control that are offered. If you say no to those 16, fine. But you don’t get to throw a hissyfit over the fact that they don’t cover the one you want. It’s not like they only cover 2 options or 2014-07-03-HOBBYLOBBY2none at all.

This country has become a country of whiners. If you don’t like your circumstances, change them. If you don’t like the 16 forms of birth control that Hobby Lobby offers, then quit and find a job that has all 20. But if you’re going to whine about the injustice Hobby Lobby is committing toward women, you need to start whining about the injustice Obama is committing toward men and women. (A woman working for Hobby Lobby would have no use for a vasectomy, but Hobby Lobby does cover the procedure for her husband…)

No one is denying birth control to anyone. Especially Hobby Lobby. Last time I checked, Hobby Lobby wasn’t standing in front of the condom display at Wal-Mart preventing their employees from purchasing one…


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