Conserative Response #2

There are always things in the news that shock, infuriate and/or confuse me. Sometimes one story does all three. This may be one of those times…

The LGBT activists are now pushing to define every child ‘genderless’ when they’re born.

As it stands now, in case you’re lacking in common sense, is, when a child is born the doctor looks at the child’s genitals and tells you that you’ve had a boy or a girl based on what he/she sees.

Christin Milloy, a Canadian transgender activist, was quoted to say “Don’t let the doctor do this to your newborn.” (S)he goes on to say that we tell our children they can grow up to be anything they want. Girls can be helicopter pilots and boys can be nurses, but when the doctor assigns a gender to your child, the baby’s life is “instantly and brutally reduced from such infinite potentials down to one concrete set of expectations and stereotypes”. Milloy goes on to say that bigotry and ignorance can harm a child whose gender is assigned by the doctor. (S)he further explains that the “doctor (and power structure behind him) plays a pivotal role in imposing limits on helpless infants, without their consent” or the parent’s informed consent and that “infant gender assignment has effects that will last through their whole life.”

The ‘movement’ is pushing, instead, to allow your child to inform you, the parents, if they are a boy or a girl.

In the words of my 11 year old – “That’s stupid.”

Call me crazy, but the doctor doesn’t need my consent to say a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. The implication that the doctor is the one deciding whether or not you just delivered a boy or a girl is ludicrous. Yes, stating that a boy is a boy and vice versa has a lifetime effect on the child. It’s supposed to.

The doctor no more decides whether your child is a boy or girl than he/she decides what they will weigh or what color eyes they’ll have.

This originally showed up on my radar in 2011 when a Canadian couple decided to raise a genderless child by not telling anyone if they’d had a boy or girl. There are only a select few people who know and they won’t let anyone else. They said they were waiting for their child to inform them if they were a boy or a girl.

Aside from the obvious, this makes me think all sorts of crazy things. How do you name a child in such a way as to not let the child, or anyone else, for that matter, know if it is a boy or girl? If this becomes the norm, we are going to have a lot of children named Terry, Pat, and Sidney.

How do you fill out census forms for the government? How do you fill out any forms for doctors or anyone else?

This is insanity.

Why are we stopping with gender? Why don’t we wait and let the child tell us what their name is? Why don’t we let our children tell us what color eyes they have. So what if they’re eyes are green. If they say their eyes are orange, then we should honor their wishes and agree they have orange eyes…

And why stop there? If they inform us they’re a cat, then we should honor that an allow them to have their milk and food from a bowl where they can lap it up. We shouldn’t force them to use cups or utensils because that is forcing human characteristics on them.

This isn’t the world it once was (which is part of the problem). This isn’t the 50s where women have to stay home and not work outside the home. A woman can choose any career she wants – she can be a doctor, helicopter pilot, football coach or a miner. What she cannot choose is her gender. She is a female. Period.

She can choose to dress and live as a man. She can even have gender reassignment, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a woman. The same goes for men.

And here’s the thing…

We tell little girls they can be anything they want when they grow up and support them in their choice… Unless that choice is to be a stay at home mom and woman. Why is it now frowned upon (in many ways) when a girl says she wants to grow up to be a wife and mother?

See, the feminism movement (and now this one) doesn’t feel we should impose any thought processes on men and women and allow them to choose what they want – until their choice disagrees with the movement. When I was in college, my stating I wanted to be “a wife and mother” was always met with the most incredulous looks and comments. I got to where I’d not answer that way and gave some answer I thought they wanted to hear.

Why? Why is it bad that I don’t want to be a doctor or helicopter pilot? Why is it bad that I don’t want to cut my hair or wear pants? Why is it bad that in order to feel complete, femininity and motherhood is all I need?

Rather than a movement to stop imposing gender on children, why don’t we stop imposing our choices on others?

“That’s exactly what gender assignment does though…”

No it doesn’t. Your gender isn’t a choice. I could, as a Christian, go into all the biblical reasons and answers as to why – but speaking from a non-biblical perspective – gender isn’t a choice. Common sense dictates this.

Nature alone is what determines it as so. If we weren’t born male/female then we’d not continue as a species. Think about it. I no more decide that I am female than I decide my dog is a dog and not a cat.

This world has blurred the male/female biology so much that we’re mentally insane and don’t even know it. As much as I risk a huge backlash in what I’m about to say, it has to be said… This is the reason we have a group of men okay watching a cartoon show for 8 year old girls.

I could not care less that a man enjoys a show cartoon with pastel colored, prancing singing ponies, even though it was intended for 8 year old girls. You enjoy that sort of thing – more power to you. I do, however, find it extremely weird and always will.

We’ve become so focused on allowing a person to choose what he wants to do, regardless of gender, that we’re shocked or find it wrong when a boy chooses a more masculine role and a girl chooses a more feminine one.

It’s not anymore wrong to dress a girl in a dress than it is for her to grow up and become a doctor.
It’s not anymore wrong to buy a ball and glove for a boy than it is for him to grow up and become a hair stylist.

If Milloy, and those in support of the movement, truly think that “The world is full of possibilities that every person deserves to be able to explore freely, receiving equal respect and human dignity while maximizing happiness through individual expression.” then they should stop imposing their beliefs on others.

If you believe your OBGYN has the power to “assign gender” and don’t want him/her to, then ask them not to. You have that right because your relationship with your doctor is between you and that doctor. But you have no right to interfere in the relationship I have with my doctor, my children, or my family.

There is no such thing as “gender assignment” by a doctor. Biology assigns gender. To pretend otherwise is to embrace ignorance and to impose your belief on others.

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  • JuzJoe

    Well, if you take religion/politics/preferences out of the equation, you are left with the purely scientific determination based on the child’s genetic make up.
    XX = Girl/Woman/Female
    XY = Boy/Man/Male
    (I won’t go into some of the rare genetic aberrations since not many of them survive.)
    How do they plan to affect that with ‘gender neutrality/assignment?”

  • Sarah White

    Thank you, Shelley! At least some people are still blessed with sanity and common sense!


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