Boy Suspended and Arrested after Writing a Paper About Killing His Neighbor’s Dinosaur

Stephen Spielberg is definitely a bad influence. This boy wrote a story about killing a dinosaur and got in major trouble. Just wait until the animal rights nutters get a hold of this one!

Okay, this is ridiculous. Political correctness gone INSANE.

High School student, Alex Stone, in Summerville, SC was asked to write about themselves and leave a creative status update as if they were putting it on Facebook. (Not actually putting it on FB) He did his assignment on killing his neighbor’s pet dinosaur, using the words ‘gun’ and ‘taking care of business’ in the – pretend – status.

When the teacher saw those words, she contacted school officials who then notified the police. Summerville police department came to the school, searched his bookbag and locker for a gun. When they questioned Stone about it, he became irate. He was put in handcuffs and arrested.

This is madness. If the school took issue with the use of the word ‘gun’ I would still find it silly, but asking him to change it – fine. But, because he expressly stated he killed a dinosaur with a gun, school officials were contacted.

What are we teaching our kids these days when their creative writing ends with them being arrested. Stone himself said “I think there might have been a better way of putting it, but I think me writing like that, it shouldn’t matter unless I put it out towards a person.” and he’s right. It’s not like he said he bought a gun and killed his neighbor. Or even his neighbor’s dog or cat. – A dinosaur.

If I had to guess, it was an idea sparked because of the picture of Stephen Spielberg with a ‘dead dinosaur’ causing the animal rights nutters to go insane.


Stone also said he could have, perhaps, used better wording but doesn’t think how it was handled was right. His mother said the rashness was uncalled for.

Stone is scheduled to return to school on Monday, but says he has no interest in going back to that school.

Who can blame him? – Richmond, VA News

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  • Rob

    it’s because we live in a world of crybaby liberal idiots

  • Caden Robbs

    Idiot kid … there’s no way a civilian gun is high enough caliber to kill a dinosaur-skin’s too thick.

    In seriousness though, this is idiotic. Even if it was about killing his neighbour’s real pet, it’s fiction. It’s not real. Is this teacher mental? If he had said he was going to do it in real life that’s one thing, but as a fictional writing assignment?

  • Sherry L. Theisen Bias

    OKAY! Let’s get real. There is something amiss in our schools when a kid gets arrested for writing a creative story with the dinosaur being killed. Maybe this ridiculous ‘politically correct’ attitude should be revised to include good English skills, proper grammar and writing skills. Teachers should be teaching English and encouraging creative writing rather than policing a class and turning in a kid who wrote a creative story. Totally paranoid kids emerge with this kind of educational guidance. Let’s take life seriously enough to be objective in evaluations rather than jumping to the conclusion that a kid is violent and scary because of a paper he wrote. Violence on TV seems to be tolerated so that might be the target for these teachers instead of getting after kids. Can’t believe it!!

  • ALD

    what ever happened to freedom of speech and it wasnt like he took away someone else’s right to pursue life, liberty and happiness


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