A Hoplophobes Worst Nightmare: A Pro-Gun Children’s Book!

The anti-gunners are at it … still. Again hardly seems to fit…

There’s a children’s book out that’s causing people to lose their minds. It’s called “My Parents Open Carry” by Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew. It was originally published in February, but was made available on Kindle this month.

It’s about a day in the life of a girl who has parents who open carry – as in guns, in case you’re not following… Somehow, Bill Maher got word of the book and discussed it on his show. Of course making jokes and insults as usual. He seems incapable of doing much else…

This drove an influx of people to the Amazon page where people have used the ‘review’ section to insult everyone and everything from the writing, the story itself, the illustration, to the almost unimaginable use of comic sans. The horror! There are even some people who are using the “Look Inside” feature to attack a typo in the book. Note I said “a” typo, not “typos”.

But, here’s the thing… Few of them have actually read the book. In the first 20 pages of reviews there are 3 that were left by verified purchasers. Of those three, only one got a bad review. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the only reason they bought it. What’s funny is the number of people who say, in their review, how it’s about gun ownership in the south or takes place in the south. The author lives in Michigan and the very first page states it takes place in the Midwest. I also find it funny that these ridiculous reviewers – though some hilarious – don’t see the irony in giving it 5 stars and then insulting it… Ah, well… At least they’re entertaining…

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