Why the South Gets a Bad Rap, and Shouldn’t.

Last week I stumbled upon an article about how horrid the south is and how it’s holding back our nation. The person writing the article states that the south is preventing our nation from becoming like Great Britain, Australia or similar nations/countries. My initial response to that statement is –

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Abe Lincoln & Jefferson Davis – as Never Before

I shared a little about slavery in the North vs slavery in the South. I shared some facts that weren’t widely known about the Civil War. Today I have some interesting tidbits on Lincoln, Davis and maybe some others, that I never learned in school… I was quite surprised, maybe

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The Civil War – What Your Public Education Likely Left Out

Based on the buzz on social media sites about the Rebel Flag and the reasons people believe the South seceded from the Union, it’s quite obvious that people have a lot of holes in their history. I know you’ve heard many say it wasn’t because of slavery, it was states’

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The North and the South – Treatment of Slaves Before the War

With all the hullabuloo surrounding the “Confederate” flag and the outcry to ban it, I’m astounded by the number of people who are ignorant of what it truly is or even means. The flag they’re calling the Confederate Flag, or even the Stars and Bars is neither. It is the

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